Residential Services

Atlanta's Brightway Painting offers an incredible residential painting service for all of its nearby clients. We will expertly paint the interior or exterior of your home with professional quality by only using the highest quality paints, coats, and polishes. We offer only the best prices and guarantee that you won’t go wrong with our customer service - call us today to see what we can do for you!

Commercial Services

If you want to revitalize the aesthetic of your business to attract more customers, then Atlanta's Brightway Painting is the best choice for you! Our team of highly skilled painters will paint the interior and exterior of your business to your liking and for an incredible price! Call us today to learn more about this service or to schedule an appointment!

Cabinet Painting

Effective cabinet painting requires an expert eye and experience. We will analyze the cabinets of your property and recommend which coats, paints, and polishes work best for your cabinets. We assure you that you can’t go wrong with us - call us today to discuss your cabinet painting needs!

Other Services

✔  Paint Removal
✔  Trim & Baseboard Painting
✔  Color Matching
✔  Exterior Painting
✔  Ceiling & Wall Painting